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Meet Fulton Chiropractor, Dr. Nicole Titman

Pain Relief Led Me to Chiropractic

Fulton Chiropractor, Dr. Titman

Dr. Nicole Titman

All I knew was that I was tired all the time, stressed out, and my neck and mid-back where in a constant state of agony. I was a freshman in college before I had my first chiropractic experience. I decided to see the chiropractic interns at my schools student clinic. As I followed their recommendations and care plan, I began to feel better, have more energy and my stress levels became more manageable.

I had some interest in becoming a chiropractor prior to this experience but having such incredible results on a personal level really sealed the deal for me.

A Career in Chiropractic

I always had a desire to help people, even as a child. As college approached, I started considering how I could help people as a career. Chiropractic offered results to patients in a natural, non-invasive way that also promoted overall health. I did extensive research on the topic of chiropractic as an assignment my senior year in high school and realized that it was one of the only medical professions that consistently focused on the overall wellness of a patient. The holistic approach to care is what drew me to the chiropractic profession.

I attended D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY for both my Bachelors of Science in Biology and my Doctorate of Chiropractic.  Unlike other chiropractic schools, D’Youville is multidisciplinary.  I was able to take classes with other health care professionals.  This allowed for an increased understanding of exactly what each type of health care professional does and how we can work together to maximize patient care.

After I graduated from Chiropractic school I moved back home while I waited for my board exam scores so I could apply for my license.  It was during this time I fell in love with my now husband, Phil. We love spending time with our dog Remy and in the summer time we love camping at New York’s many beautiful State Parks!

Doctor and husband in front of campter
Doctor and her husband with Remy, the dog

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